About QC

The Quilters' Connection was founded in 1977 by Linda Genovese, Jane Phillips and Nancy Nevola, who determined to bring together people who share a love of quilting. In just four years QC grew to 250 active members, our then maximum size determined by the meeting hall and its fire code restrictions. By 1985 the waiting list to join was long enough to enable the founding of a sister guild, the thriving Rising Star Quilters. Today, QC's expanded roster includes more than 50 associate members as well as international and student members. In 2005, QC moved to a new, larger meeting space, allowing the maximun number of members to be increased to 400. In 2015, QC has moved once again and the number of members is now unlimited.

Quilters' Connection is a dynamic and diverse group of quilters and quilt enthusiasts whose stated purpose is to preserve and enhance the art and skill of quilting. To this end there are monthly meetings featuring guest speakers, a group project, or a "show and tell" of members' work done in the workshops. At each meeting there are fabric and notions sales tables and networking about quilt events. Workshops are given by our own or visiting experts, and a monthly newsletter, Quiltations, is a source of information about Quilters' Connection and local quilting events.

Our primary community service has been through our Comfort Quilt projects, which are made by the members and donated to places of need in the Greater Boston area and beyond.

The list of achievements by QC members is long. Our members travel the globe to teach and to exhibit their works in shows and galleries. Many have published books and journal articles, and a few are grant recipients from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Massachusetts Council for the Arts and Humanities. In 2001, Visions and Voices:The History of a Quilt Guild, was published. This book, by QC member Verena Rybicki, documents the history and growth of the guild through the eyes and experiences of members in our changing times and communities.

Such diverse talent makes Quilters' Connection an exciting organization in which to participate. Monthly meetings are held from September through May at The LaCava Conference Center at Bentley University in Waltham, Massachusetts.