Quilt Show 2004

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Permission to Publish (QC Members only)

To all exhibitors in the 2004 Quilters' Connection Show: If you would like your quilts to be published in the 2004 on-line quilt show, please email webmaster@quiltersconnection.org, giving your name, quilt name(s), and your permission to publish. If you have digital image(s) that you would like us to use, please attach them to the email. Otherwise we will use the photos taken at the show.


The Photo Index below is an overview of the quilts currently on the website. Hold the cursor over a quilt to see its title and maker, and click it to enter the quilt show at that quilt. From there you can sequence through all of the quilts in the show, or return to the index to choose another quilt.

Members whose quilts are on the website are listed in the following Quiltmaker Index. Click on any name to enter the show at that member's quilt. From there you can sequence through all of the quilts in the show, or return to the index to choose another quilt.

Check this space often, as quilts will be added regularly. Please note that all of the photos are copyrighted by the quiltmaker.

Photo Index

They Were Slaves in Egypt  by Leah AllmanTempest at Sea by Jerry Becker Storm of the Century by Millie BeckerThere Is Nothing Civil About War by Carol G. BikofskyDateline by Carol BikofskyProvenceArrows by Gail C. BrownGreat Blue Rising by Barbara L. CraneGarden Party by Barbara L. CraneChoken of Celebration by Nancy Crasco The Mango Tree by Michele DavidIsland Paradise by Beth DorfmanChildhood Memories - Longing by Beverly FineRemembering Still River by Lois FramptonBlue Mountain Moonrise by Isabel FreemanSynchronicity by Cathy GraneseSistahs by Beatriz GraysonColumbines for Cindy and Greg by Joan GulovsenIndigo Pears by Elaine HickeyMartinis and Margaritas by JoAnn Janjigian Panamanian Passion Flowers by JoAnn JanjigianTanya's Magic Ocean by Suzanne KnappBaby Snails by Suzanne KnappAce of Spades by Rosemary KochJoel's Bytes by Michele Koppelman The Chameleon's Tail by Michele KoppelmanWildthing by Caroline KramerBlack & White Medley by Daryl KreindelDan's Village Quilt by Dee Mallon Boy Joy by Dee Mallon Corkscrew Swamp by Carol MillerAll Skewed Up by Linda NeustadtBeach Glass by Linda NeustadtIris by Jeanne PavaoMiddle East Meets West by Gladys PerkinsSinging with Love II by Janet Popp Scituate Harbor by Janet Popp Square Dance by Carolyn Rabson Game Board #4 - Lime-chisi by Amy RobertsonTransition by Amy RoppleGratitude by Amy RoppleFor Nicholas by Joy RossettosHawaiian Punch by Mary Clare RyanParade of Stars by Stephanie ShoreMooovalous - Party Animals by Ethel ShulamTropical Breezes by Ethel ShulamHelen's Choice by Carol SymondsSeasons by Carol SymondsStrip Happy by Gail Willett

Quiltmaker Index

Allman, Leah
Becker, Jerry
Becker, Millie
Bikofsky, Carol
Blundell, Joyce
Brown, Gail
Crane, Barbara L.
Crasco, Nancy
David, Michele
Dorfman, Beth
Fine, Beverly
Frampton, Lois
Freeman, Isabel
Granese, Cathy
Grayson, Beatriz
Gulovsen, Joan P.
Hickey, Elaine
Janjigian, JoAnn
Knapp, Suzanne
Koch, Rosemary
Koppelman, Michele
Kramer, Caroline
Kreindel, Daryl
Mallon, Dee
Miller, Carol
Neustadt, Linda
Pavao, Jeanne
Perkins, Gladys
Popp, Janet
Rabson, Carolyn
Robertson, Amy
Ropple, Amy
Rossettos, Elizabeth Joy
Ryan, Mary Clare
Shore, Stephanie
Shulam, Ethel
Symonds, Carol
Willett, Gail Pettiford