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2016-2017 Workshops
Bentley University La Cava Convention Center
unless otherwise notified
All workshops start at 9:00 AM and end at 4:00 PM unless otherwise specified

If Bentley closes due to snow or weather conditions, it will be posted on the following web site:

When and if Bentley closes Quilters’ Connection is unable to be on site.

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October 8

Amy Ropple


Workshop One: Saturday, October 8

Speaker: Membership Meeting,  Monday, October 10th at Gann Academy at 7:00 pm
Amy's workshop is about beads -- watch out, it is addicting! You'll learn how to securely attach a variety of bead types to the surface of a quilted piece, and ways of using beads to add to the design of your art. Bugles, seed beads, stones, and more! Anything can be attached to the surface of a quilted piece to add line, texture, patterns, and focal points that reflect light on the surface of your art. Learn how to fill and outline shapes, "trap" objects, and embellish with threads and beads together. The process is meditative and satisfying, and the results can be dramatic and surprising - and fun!


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February 11 & 12

Timna Tarr

"Improvisational Piecing"

Workshop One: Saturday, February 11
Workshop Two: Sunday, February 12

Speaker: Membership Meeting,  Monday, January 9th at Bentley University in the La Cava Conference Center at 7:00

Tips and Techniques for creating your own improvised piece are discussed in this workshop. The expanded workshop will be combined with "Designing with Flying Colors". We spend the first 1.5-2 hours not sewing, but playing with color combinations, and then start piecing them together improvisationally.


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March 11 & 12

Thomas Knauer

"Secret Codes"

Workshop One: Saturday March 11
Workshop Two: Sunday March 12

Speaker: Membership Meeting, Monday, March 13th at Bentley University in the La Cava Conference Center at 7:00

We will be focusing on using four letter words. You can use whatever word that you want, as long as it is four letters. We will spend time looking at ways to adapt the basic approach to create a wide variety of designs based on the essential principle of binary being a relationship of 0s and 1s, which can be visually translated in a lot of ways.
We start the morning with a few exercises from The Quilt Design Coloring Workbook, we will really open up ideas and possibilities for playing/designing with the binary structure of the quilts we are doing.
There are infinite variations to be done, but one just has to get the creative juices flowing. 
At the core though, we will be making four 20" square blocks, that then are sashed with 5" strips.
We will spend time discussing design approaches, playing with variations and permutations, resulting in very unique interpretations from each quilter. 



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March 25

QC Winter Workshop

Saturday March 25, 2017

9:00 AM- 4:00 PM
St Brigid's Church 2001 Massachusetts Ave. Lexington, MA
Please join us for the QC Winter Workshop day on March 25, 2017. We will enjoy a wonderful variety of workshops and a potluck lunch. Descriptions of each workshop and online sign-ups are now open under the links at the right.
Please remember to sign-up for a contribution to the potluck lunch. You can do so on the sign-up link. Note: we are collecting $5 from each participant to cover the cost of the hall.
For questions about the winter workshop email Julie Weinstein at

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April 1 & 2

Frances Holliday Alford

"Expressing Your Personal Symbols Thru Multi Media Quilting"

Two Day Workshop: Saturday April 1 - Sunday April 2

Speaker: Membership Meeting, Monday April 3rd at Bentley University in the La Cava Conference Center at 7:00

We are going to create a piece of art that will be very personal to each of you. We will explore our personal symbols using a number of sources for inspiration, such as Horoscope signs, Chinese Animal signs, Numerology, Spirit Animal cards, birth stone colors, and other similar sources. In respect for people who are not comfortable using these resources, we can draw from ourselves, using inspirational literature, favorite colors, hobbies, school or team spirit or other personal symbols.

Even if you do not consider yourself to be a drawer or a painter, I want to urge each of you to remember when you were five years old and knew you could draw anything that you could imagine. If you are adept at drawing and painting, so much the better! No pressure here, it is going to be fun.

We will draw and paint our symbols and then attach them on top of a "Confetti" background. Since the confetti requires a washing and drying at home, we will complete this part on the first day and spend the second day attaching the objects we draw and paint.


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