QC Winter Workshop

Overview - Each year the members of Quilters' Connection gather for a members teach members day.
Displaying their latest works, they share techniques with other guild members.
Divided into Morning and Afternoon sessions, the signing up is fast and the small groups fill up quickly.

Comfort Quilts also are there for the full day, so members can choose to help out with basting, binding, or assembling kits.
Just walking around the well-filled hall, members can peer at others and learn new techniques and be inspired to try or retry themselves.

Winter Workshop 2021

2021 Winter Workshop is schedule for February 6, 2021.
See the details for the classes and teachers with photos.

Winter Workshop 2019

There are five pages of photos from 2019 Winter Workshop
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    Page 5

Winter Workshop (2018 photos)

See a set of photos from the 2018 Winter Workshop which included this sample of past classes:
Making Circles Around You!, Potpourri of Machine Embellishments / Embroidery for Quilts, Quilted Coasters, Thread Painting, Paint and Print, Top Stitched Curve.